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Sarah Fox

23191654_10210746478722938_1166418638_oSarah is a final year SSA funded PhD candidate based at Manchester Metropolitan University. Her research explores women’s experiences of substance use, domestic abuse and support. Using qualitative research, specifically IPA, aims to explore how women navigate help and support when affected by co-occurring substance use and domestic abuse. She would like to continue researching in women’s addiction following her PhD.

Sarah holds a MSc in Drug and Alcohol Studies from The University of Glasgow, a MSc in Applied Social Research from Trinity College Dublin and a B.A (Hons) in Humanities from Dublin City University. She has a background working as a researcher and practitioner in a homeless organisation, a children’s charity, and a domestic abuse service. She is the Trustee Chair and active volunteer for a local Manchester women’s food and clothes bank.

To read more on the relationship between substance use and domestic abuse, click here.

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Sharon Greenwood

meSharon is currently finishing up a PhD in Sociology at the University of Glasgow. Sharon’s research looks at how young adults are affected by parental substance use. She is interested in youth transitions, and the ways in which this part of life can be disrupted. She hopes that the findings from her PhD will help develop policy and services to support young adults adversely affected.

Sharon holds an MRes in Equality and Human Rights, and an MA(hons) in Public Policy & Sociology. She has experience in researching a wide range of drug and alcohol related topics, and likes to try out new qualitative research methods. Sharon currently is working part-time as a Research Assistant for NHS Scotland, and as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for Sociology and Qualitative Methods.

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Joyce Nicholson

joyceJoyce is midway through a part time PhD at the University of Glasgow looking at the day to day lived experience of school of children and their drug using mothers. Using a feminist underpinning, she is interested in the ways in which experiences of education may act as a ‘safe haven’ or ‘nightmare’ for children and how mothers negotiate and support their children’s school experiences.

Joyce has a background in support and outreach services for drug users including pregnant drug users, and currently works as a lecturer and trainer. She is also chair of a charity supporting sexually abused young women and is interested in intersections with abuse, substance use and practice.

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