DAWF Conference 2018


The inaugural DAWF Conference was held in May 2018 at Manchester Metropolitan University. The conference theme was ‘The Role of Substances in the Lives of Women and Families: Putting Research into Practice’.

Conducting research regarding substance use, women, and families is an important task in itself, but what happens after the research is finished? What happens to the findings? Do they perish, become journal articles, or have influence in helping women and families affected by substance use? This conference focused on the two-way relationship between research and practice. Alongside presentations from academics across the UK, the DAWF conference hosted a workshop titled “Research into Practice”, considering how the research produced within academic institutions can have meaningful impact within practice. With keynote speakers, Dr. Sally Marlow, Lavinia Black, Prof. Elizabeth Ettorre, and figures from local organisations working with women and families affected by substance use, this event welcomed researchers and practitioners to discuss, reflect, and share research regarding substance use for women and families and learn from each other about making research count.

Conference Programme

The conference programme can be downloaded here (PDF). You can find out more about each of the panel sessions by clicking on the relevant images below – we are grateful to so many of our speakers making their slides publicly available.

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