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Practical and Ethical Issues in Substance Use Research

May 23rd 2018 – Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)

The first DAWF PGR & ECR symposium aims to provide a platform for researchers to discuss their work with other researchers in the field. This afternoon session will bring likeminded people together to discuss the difficulties, challenges, and successes they have experienced whilst undertaking research with women, children, young people, and families in the area of substance use. With keynote speaker, Dr. Sally Marlow, and an Ethics workshop facilitated by Prof. Carol Haigh, the symposium aims to focus on peer learning and support for those researching with women, children and young people.

We invite PGR and ECR to submit a specific research problem they have encountered whilst conducting research. The informal presentations aim to provide a space to share any issues you may currently have in your research and invite delegates to offer solutions or advice.  Abstracts are also welcome for those who have overcome a particular research-related problem and offering some reflections on how they dealt with the issue. Presentations will be 10 minutes, with 10 minutes discussion.

Topics for oral presentations may include, but are not limited to:

  • Methodology and epistemology – the building blocks of research
  • Research methods – designing, conducting, reflecting
  • Analysis – approaches, and concerns
  • Ethics – institutional and situational concerns
  • Researcher identity and wellbeing – positionality in and out of the field, surviving in academia, dealing with supervisors
  • Next steps – dissemination, career paths, publishing