What do you think of the new Donald Trump administration?

It’s been a very tough few days for the Donald Trump family.

First the new president announced he was moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Then he signed an executive order barring Muslims from entering the US.

And finally he issued an executive action that would allow him to ban refugees from entering.

He had an entire week of announcements, actions and tweets and it’s now just two weeks until his 100th day in office.

I’m not sure the Trump administration will be able to do much in the way of policy during that time, especially since they don’t have any real policy for the first 100 days.

They are not even in a position to make policy until after the inauguration.

But I do think they have a lot to show for their first 100 Days.

Trump was elected with the support of white supremacists and the alt-right.

He campaigned on the promise to be a “big, strong leader”.

His administration has been dominated by people who are not white supremacists or alt-righters.

And they have failed to make any meaningful progress on anything but the alt right agenda of banning Muslims from the US and turning over control of the borders to international corporations.

When you look at what he did with the Jerusalem embassy move and the executive order, I think you can see the extent to which they are not going to be able in the first couple of weeks to put forward any coherent policy for Trump’s first 100 day.

So I think that it’s going to depend on what they do next.

They are not getting much of a say over the border, and they haven’t been able to get much of an influence over the White House, and so I think it will be very difficult to get any real concrete policy that can pass both houses of Congress.

What do you make of the current US administration?

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The Trump administration has also had some very difficult days on social media.

The president tweeted this morning about the Charlottesville protests.

The protests had begun before the president had even been inaugurated.

President Donald Trump is not known for being shy about criticizing those he disagrees with.

He wrote: “We must come together to heal our country, protect our borders, end bigotry, and get our country back on track.

It’s time to get tough!”

Trump tweeted about the protests in Charlottesville last night: “Let it be an unbroken march to the center of the earth, a march of love, unity, and justice.

This morning, he tweeted that he is considering a “major” tax cut, but that it is “a hard sell for many Republicans” because of concerns over the effect on the economy. “

And we will all be part of that journey.”

This morning, he tweeted that he is considering a “major” tax cut, but that it is “a hard sell for many Republicans” because of concerns over the effect on the economy.

On Thursday, he went after the media over a false story that said he was planning to pardon his father.

“I have a son, Don Jr., who is the son of Don Jr. I’m a proud father, I love my son and I’ll do everything I can to help him,” he said.

“I am considering pardoning my father to be honest with you, but the idea of doing it in a very controversial way I don’t think is right for my family.”

I would have to think very carefully about it.

It is not right.

It isn’t fair.

“Trump said he would sign the pardon if Congress “would approve it, which is very likely, but I think we are going to have to be very, very careful.” 

The president was also criticized for retweeting a tweet from white supremacist leader David Duke, who has said he has “no problem” with Trump.

Trump has previously said that he will pardon his late father.

Trump later tweeted that Duke “wasnt a great guy”, but later deleted his retweet.

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