Aussie beauty bloggers are selling their products online – for a buck

Posted January 20, 2019 04:06:23Aussie beauty blogger Jannet Jones is selling her products on her blog and on her website, as well as selling items on her own store.

The 34-year-old is one of many online bloggers who have turned their focus to selling their own products online.

She said she was surprised to see the demand from her audience.

“It was just surprising,” she said.

“When I started I was kind of struggling to find something to do and it seemed so pointless, but I’ve noticed that it’s really changed my life and changed my business.”

I’m just finding ways to keep the product on the shelf and make money, so I think it’s all just about keeping the blog up.

“Jones said she had a few customers who wanted to buy her products, but she found the sales to be more profitable.”

They’re a little bit more organised,” she explained.”

If you want to buy a gift, they have these big boxes full of stuff to go to and I’ve got this whole little store that’s just sort of sitting there and selling things.

“Jones also sells products on eBay, and she said that it had helped her sell more items than before.”

People are buying it from my blog and my website,” she revealed.”

Now they’re coming back and buying it on eBay.

It’s just so much fun.

“Jones started her blog in January and has since sold her personal items, including a full body massage machine, a full face brush and a collection of hair accessories.”

We sell all sorts of different stuff,” she admitted.”

There’s really nothing on the internet you can’t sell.

It seems to be quite the new trend these days, so it’s just nice to be able to sell stuff.

“Jones is also selling her own items, and said her customers are very interested in her own products.”

A lot of people want to sell things they’re not used to,” she laughed.”

Some of them have never bought anything before, and they want to get into it, so they come here and see me.

“So people are very keen to know where they can get stuff that they can’t normally get.”

My customers are a really positive bunch, they love it.

“Jones was inspired by a post on Facebook about a woman who had sold her hairbrush, but found the price of the items was too high.”

Jones sells her products at her own business, and her business partner, Michelle Ritchie, also sells her own beauty products.”

It was a bit of a shock to see that, but it’s not something I would have expected to sell on eBay.”

Jones sells her products at her own business, and her business partner, Michelle Ritchie, also sells her own beauty products.

Ritchie said she saw an opportunity to expand the business in the form of a YouTube channel.

“YouTube has been a great platform for us to get people talking about what we’re doing,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“You can see a lot of different people using YouTube to share their products, and we see that we’re getting a lot more exposure and a lot fewer people are saying, ‘I’ve got nothing.'”

The business is now able to expand its range of products and services, and Ritchie said the business was also finding more and more people wanting to sell their own items.

“The demand is just amazing,” she confirmed.

“All our customers are really supportive and really happy about what they’re doing.”


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