Woman sues over ‘racist’ post about Boobie Brown

A woman in New Jersey is suing the owner of a popular YouTube channel for allegedly making offensive comments about a black woman who is a contestant on his popular Boobies &Bombs series.

Sarah L. Pfeiffer sued her YouTube business in Brooklyn federal court on Monday, accusing the video creator of defamation and invasion of privacy for publishing the following comment about a Boobied Brown video: “You know how a black man is a pussy?”

The video, titled “Black Women,” has been viewed more than 9 million times since it was posted on March 14.

In a statement, Pfeiffs attorney, David F. Fidler, said the post “discriminates against a woman” and is “based on a racist stereotype that Black women are inherently less desirable than white women.”

He said the comment was not intended to be racially offensive, but that it has been interpreted as such.

In her statement, Fidlin said that Pfeffer “is using this video as a weapon against the African American community” because “black people are perceived as subservient to white people.”

Pfeiffers attorneys argued that the post was “inaccurate and misleading,” adding that it did not refer to race in general.

The attorney said that the comment about black women in the series “is an outdated and misleading statement” and “a clear and present danger to Ms. PFEIFFERER’s well-being.”PFEIFER said in a statement that the series is about empowerment, not “racial bias.”

“This is a series about empowerment for all people,” she said.

“To me, that means it’s a show that celebrates and celebrates all people.”

The series has attracted more than 2 million views since it began airing in November.

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