The new episode of Mad Men’s “Mad Men” is a “big, bad, ugly” one

In the season premiere, we saw Pete (Jon Hamm) and Megan (Melissa McBride) move to an apartment they had rented together.

But that episode wasn’t all about the apartment.

It was also about how the characters reacted to it.

After seeing their apartment, Megan and Pete moved in together, but Pete was still pissed off.

In an interview with EW, the two characters discussed the episode, and it’s hard to say what went down there.

In their defense, the episode was shot entirely on location in New York City.

That means they could have done something totally different.

So what happened?

Pete and Megan both say they weren’t mad at each other at the time, and that they both didn’t feel the same way.

They did agree on one thing: Pete felt he had to find a new place.

Megan, meanwhile, felt like her new apartment was an invasion.

So it’s fair to say the two were not at all pleased when Pete moved out.

And even if they were, what’s the big deal about a roommate?

“It wasn’t really my apartment,” Pete says.

“It was a place I had rented for a while, and then a place that had been rented to me for a long time.”

So when Pete found a new apartment in the suburbs, he felt guilty.

“I felt like I had to take a dump, because I had no idea what I was doing,” he says.

But he’s right: It was pretty ugly.

The new season of Mad Max: Fury Road (the fifth season of which premieres Sunday) has brought back many of the characters from the Mad Men era.

So Pete and the rest of the Mad Max crew are still pissed that Pete didn’t live up to the standard he set for himself.

Pete thinks his new apartment “looks pretty much like the place he moved in, but it’s not exactly the same.”

(He says it has some similarities, like “a large, open kitchen, a large, wide living room, and a large dining room.”)

And Megan says it’s “the most horrible apartment she’s ever been in.”

(She says it also has some resemblance to the old “Dorothy’s” apartment.)

But Pete still wants to move back in with Megan.

He even goes as far as to say he wants to have sex with her.

“We’re in this apartment, and I want to get married,” he tells her.

What do you think?

Did you catch a glimpse of Pete and his girlfriend?

Do you agree with their argument?

Let us know in the comments below.

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