Which Disney Vacation Destinations Are the Best?

Today we’re excited to present you with a list of the top 10 Disney Vacations to visit for your Disneyland Resort, Disney World Resort, Epcot Resort, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios Resort, Magic Kingdom, and Walt Disney World resorts.

As with our list of Top 10 Disney Destinations, these are the locations where you can expect the most action during your Disney Vacate! 


Disneyland Resort –  The Disneyland Resort has been on the rise in popularity over the last few years and we’re happy to report that it’s now the most visited resort in the park. 

It’s also the number one destination for Disney fans in the United States.

With an amazing park and a wide variety of activities to do throughout the day, it’s the perfect place to spend the day with your loved ones. 


Disney Springs Resort – A must-visit if you want to get the most out of your vacation.

Disney’s resort is also the best place to stay if you’re planning on visiting Disney World, Epco, or Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

With its impressive outdoor spaces, vibrant gardens, and world-class water attractions, Disney Springs is a must-see for anyone. 


Epcot Resorts –  If you’re looking for the most affordable Disney resort experiences, Epcor has you covered.

Epcor is located in the heart of the Walt Disney Resort and features over 30 indoor parks, many of which are themed to your favorite Disney characters.

With the resort’s expansive indoor parks and plenty of dining options, it can be a great place to get away from the crowds for a few hours. 


Animal Kingdom Resort – An indoor park with over 120 themed attractions, Animal World offers some of the best food in Disney.

You can dine at a buffet at Epcot, or spend time in one of the over 300 guest rooms at Animal Kingdom. 

With a wide selection of activities for guests, it makes for a perfect way to get to know some of your favorite characters. 

The Disney Parks are the most popular attractions in the world, so there’s plenty to do at any of the parks.

So why not go there when you’re not looking for an adventure? 


Hollywood Studios – The most popular Disney theme park in the country, Hollywood Studio is a place where you’ll find everything from a variety of themed attractions to an extensive dining experience. 

You can also take a stroll around the studio, which features the largest water feature in the resort, The Hollywood Sign. 

In addition to the entertainment and food at Hollywood Studios, there are plenty of activities around the Disney Springs area to take in all that entertainment. 

Stay tuned for our new Walt Disney Parks Guide coming soon! 

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