NFL Blogs to Feature Vlogs on Fappening Blogs

FAPPING is trending again, and it’s not because of a good ol’ fashioned legal threat.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the NFL has announced that it is planning to begin airing “Vlogs” featuring the Vlogbrothers, the former players who were convicted of child pornography and forced to sit out their entire careers.

The plan is to highlight the contributions made by the former team players during the years of their incarceration. 

The new “VLOGs” will be produced by the NFL’s media relations and PR department, and feature some of the players, including the two current players who are featured in this story.

These VLOGs are expected to air in 2018.

NFL PR spokesperson Brett Gessner told The Hollywood Report that the league will “provide additional information in the near future” regarding the project.

It’s unclear if the VLOGbrothers will have their own social media accounts or if the project will focus solely on the former NFL players.

It appears that the NFL is hoping to have its VlogBrothers feature in the new season of the show Fappenin’, which airs this weekend.

The Fappens are a brand of Fappish video games produced by EA Sports.

Fapp-ing is a game that involves the player sitting in front of a TV screen and performing various actions in order to earn points in a game.

It has been a big hit in recent years with fans of both the game and the franchise, with many NFL fans and teams using the game as a means to vent their frustration at a franchise.

There are currently around a dozen Fappings on the market, and many are set to be released during the upcoming season.

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