Why do housing bubbles are real? Blog posts and statistics

New research shows housing prices are rising in Australia.

The data comes from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and comes from a blog post by the Bureau of Economics, The Guardian reports.

The blog post notes that housing prices rose in Australia from the fourth quarter of 2016 to the first quarter of 2017.

But the analysis shows that the jump in prices was more pronounced in metropolitan areas, such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, and was not evenly spread across the country.

“The trend in Australia is that housing price rises have been higher in cities, more concentrated in metropolitan regions,” the blog post states.

“This is due to the strong correlation between the housing price index and population growth, which is a strong driver of the trend.”

The blog also says there is a growing perception that the Australian economy is “sitting on the sidelines” in the global economy, according to the report.

The report also points out that the ABS data is based on an annual count of the number of dwellings built, rather than the number sold.

It is also possible the number that is built is smaller than what is sold, as there are some countries that are building fewer homes than they sell, and this may affect the number counted as a home.

The ABS data also does not include foreign ownership.

The analysis comes as the Australian Government looks to sell more housing in a bid to boost the economy, and boost tax revenue.

The government has proposed a property tax cut of between $300 and $400 a year.

It has also proposed a range of measures, such for education, that will help improve the state of the Australian housing market.

The Government is also considering selling property tax-free to help fund the infrastructure investment required to build the next stage of its NBN.

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