The boys of Red State are now adults

A trio of young writers, known collectively as the Red State Boys, have become the face of the Republican Party.

But the boys are also known for a new type of humor: The boys have their own Twitter account.

The boys of the conservative blog Red State blog.

(Courtesy of boys, known colloquially as “Red,” are not the only ones who have their sights set on the 2016 Republican presidential field.

The Republican National Committee is also considering hiring Red as a social media consultant.

But they have not been approached.

They are not even the only young Republican to make the leap to Twitter.

Last week, The Washington Post revealed the existence of a Twitter account for young GOP candidates, known as @GOPRally.

A representative for the account told the Post that the account has “never existed before,” and that the Twitter account is “for private conversations only.”

But the Republican National Committeewoman who runs the account said that it was established “in 2015, so we have been around for years.”

She said she was not familiar with the account and did not know who the Twitter user was.

The Red State boys are not alone in the Republican ranks.

In fact, as recently as last week, there were several young Republican candidates who were interested in working with the RNC.

The youngest of these young candidates is Chris Christie, a New Jersey governor who is the youngest of the three.

Christie was born in 1987, and his Twitter feed is one of the first to feature his first name.

Christie is not a registered Republican, but he said he was “trying to build the next generation of Republicans.”

He was also a guest on Fox News on Wednesday morning, where he made clear he did not want to work with the party.

“I don’t want to get in a fight with the Republican party,” Christie said.

“We don’t agree on anything.

I just think it’s a distraction.”

He added that “the Republican party is really trying to be a distraction” and that he “don’t think we should be in a position of being part of a party that tries to divide the country.

The Republican National committee is trying to do what they can with these young Republican leaders.”

The Republican Party has always been a “tough and determined party,” Manley said. “

They are certainly the youngest, and the most successful.”

The Republican Party has always been a “tough and determined party,” Manley said.

But he also said that in some ways, the party is moving in the right direction.

“When the Republicans started the Tea Party in 2010, the idea that you could get in as a political operative to try to get attention from the tea party movement, you didn’t really know what you were getting into,” he said.

But the GOP’s youth outreach strategy has not been as effective.

In his book “American Politics: The American Revolution to the 21st Century,” political scientist Richard Hofstadter wrote that “for the last century the Republican establishment has done nothing to recruit or educate young people.

And this is in part because it is difficult for young people who are interested in politics to find an outlet for their ideas.

Young people can be attracted to political activism and political engagement by other young people.”

In addition to the Red state boys, there is also the young candidate from the red state of Texas, state Rep. Mike Martinez, who is also a Republican and has a Twitter handle, @MikeMartinez.

In an interview with ABC News on Tuesday, Martinez said he had been in touch with the RedState boys.

“The guys are really good at being very transparent about what they’re doing,” Martinez said.

Martinez told the network that he does not “want to be an active participant” in the campaign, but that he will be a “big contributor.”

“I think it would be helpful to have some people that could provide the resources that are needed to reach out to young voters,” he told ABC.

In a phone interview, Martinez did not specify what kind of resources he would offer to the campaign.

“But I’m very confident in the leadership that we have on this team,” he added.

The other candidate, state Sen. Mike Kelly, a Republican from Fort Worth, said he has not spoken with the boys.

He did say that he would be interested in speaking with them.

Kelly is running in the Texas Senate district where the Red States’ Twitter account was set up.

He said he would consider reaching out to the boys “if I get the chance.”

“They are young and I think they would be a good voice to represent Texas in the senate,” Kelly told the Texas Tribune.

In all, there are more than 1,600 registered Republican candidates in Texas.

They include former Texas Gov.

Rick Perry, former U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst

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