New Jersey to build $20 billion solar park – New Jersey Gov. Christie

New Jersey has been awarded a $20-billion federal stimulus package to create 1,200 jobs and invest in green technology, including rooftop solar panels and wind farms.

The state’s Republican governor, Kim Guadagno, will unveil the $1.8 billion package on Tuesday as part of a package of tax cuts and spending measures that will be unveiled in New York on Wednesday.

The plan is part of an aggressive push by New Jersey Republicans to revive their state’s economy and get out from under the political damage that has plagued the state. 

The state will invest $1 billion in renewable energy, while a $1-billion investment in renewable projects in the next year is a $2.5 billion investment, Christie said Tuesday.

The federal stimulus, known as the Jersey City Community Reinvestment Act, was approved by Congress in July after Christie had failed to pass a budget deal with Democrats. 

New Jersey has struggled to attract new jobs in the energy sector since Hurricane Sandy devastated the state in 2012, forcing a steep cut in state aid to communities affected by the storm. 

With the state facing another round of cuts, the plan is likely to boost tourism and provide some economic stimulus. 

“Today’s announcement is a critical first step toward restoring our economy and creating jobs,” Christie said in a statement. 

In addition to solar panels, the state will also invest in wind turbines and wind parks, as well as solar-powered homes. 

Guadagnon’s announcement follows a $400-million investment in green infrastructure that Christie announced last week.

The package of cuts is expected to create an additional 10,000 jobs. 

Gunter Technologies said in August that it will create 200 jobs in New Jersey.

The company said it is hiring for more than 350 construction and technical positions. 

Governor Christie signs a bill to build 1,000 solar panels in New Bern.

Governor’s Office of Jobs and Economic Development.

The plan will provide for $1 million in new incentives for projects of up to $1,000 per kW and $1 for each kWh produced.

The amount of money available to New Jerseyans to invest in solar energy will be tied to the percentage of the state’s population that is eligible to receive the state rebate, the governor said. 

This is a great first step in helping New Jersey grow our economy, and creating new jobs, Governor Christie said.

I want to thank Governor Christie and his team for their commitment to help New Jersey rebuild.

This will create new jobs and support our state’s growth.

The Governor is proud to sign this historic bipartisan agreement.

We will work closely with our partners to create a plan that will support our efforts to provide clean energy and spur economic growth.

 In a separate announcement, the New Jersey Department of Transportation announced a $500 million bond program to help pay for solar panels.

The agency said the bonds will be used to support up to 400,000 rooftop solar installations in New Brunswick, Camden, Hudson and Bergen counties. 

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