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Disney Parks & Resorts announced in January that they would be reopening this year for a limited number of events, including the Grand Floridian Parade and the Disneyland Hotel Concert Series.

However, there has been some confusion over when the parks will reopen and when they will reopen as a whole.

The Disney Parks website currently lists that the park is “reopening in phases,” but the official press release does not specify which phases will take place.

According to the official release, “re-opening of the parks in phases will be the first phase of a full refurbishment.”

As of Tuesday, October 12, 2018, there are currently two phases of refurbishment underway, according to Disney Parks.

Phase 1 includes a refurbishment of the park with new facilities and entertainment.

Phase 2 is an “enhanced” refurbishment which will include expanded amenities and a new theme park, a new indoor and outdoor theme park with Disney characters and attractions and an expanded nighttime entertainment experience.

The press release also states that Phase 2 will be “the final phase of refurbishing” Disney Parks, which is when the park will reopen to the public.

According a spokesperson for the Walt Disney World Resort, the park has been “revisited and improved to meet the highest standards.”

The spokesperson also stated that the “reasons for the reopening” for Phase 2 include “the successful completion of Phase 1,” as well as “the development of Phase 2.”

However, the spokesperson did not specify the “final phase of renovation” for the park.

In addition to Phase 2, the Walt’s Blog reported that “Phase 1 will reopen at the beginning of December 2019.”

Disney has not yet confirmed when the Disneyland Resort will reopen for public use.

The Walt Disney Resort website has a list of upcoming dates for the Disneyland Park, including a date for the Grand Californian Parade, the Disneyland Grand Parade Festival and the Disney Springs Grand Prix, among others.

Disney Parks and Resorts have confirmed that the Disneyland Lodge is open, as well.

Disneyland Resort’s Facebook page states that “we are excited to share that the Grand California Lodge will open to guests on January 6, 2019.

All guests must register by December 7 to attend the 2018 Grand California Day Celebration.

Visit the Disneyland website for more details on our plans for 2018.”

Disney Parks will also host an event on January 14, 2019 in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Disneyland Corporation.

The Grand Californians Day Celebration is held on December 1, and the celebration will feature the Disneyland Haunted Mansion, the theme park and the theme parks that are themed after Disneyland properties, including Disneyland California Adventure, Disneyland Fantasyland and Disneyland California.

Guests can join the celebration by taking part in the Disneyland California Adventures Program or by participating in the Halloween-themed Haunted Mansion Experience.

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