Why some patients have to go back to hospital when they get infections

Asymptomatic infections can sometimes get worse after a period of time, especially if a person has a medical condition that makes it harder for the body to clear infections.

But new research suggests some patients who have a common condition and have been getting better over time can actually get worse.

In a new study, researchers looked at data from a population of people who were diagnosed with a common genetic condition called cystic fibrosis.

The study involved more than 5,000 people who had a total of about 1.5 million DNA sequences from their genes.

The researchers found that among the people with cystic Fibrosis, a gene called CCR5 has an impact on the development of the immune system.

And if the person has this gene, the body’s immune system becomes more sensitive to infections.

This can lead to more infections if the body can’t clear infections and can’t prevent new infections.

The study showed that when the people who have this gene have been able to get better and the condition has slowed down, the infections are less likely to get worse, said Dr. William Hickey, the study’s senior author.

The reason for this is not entirely clear.

Dr. Hickey said it’s possible that it could be due to the person having more of the disease-fighting antibodies that fight infections.

Other researchers have found that it may be due not only to the genetic predisposition but also the environment in which they live.

For example, if people are exposed to a virus that causes a common cold, they may have more CCR7 and CCR8 mutations, the researchers found.

This finding could be important for people with chronic diseases like diabetes or heart disease.

Dr Hickey believes it could also be important in people who may be more prone to developing these conditions.

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