Meet the new fitness blog that’s making money by offering exercise tips, fitness routines, and recipes for home readers

Fitness blogger Jason Smith is raising $6 million from investors including former Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg.

The firm plans to invest in new equipment, expand its operations, and expand Smith’s portfolio.

In a blog post, Smith said he hopes to expand his audience and make the company’s products accessible to readers of all ages.

Smith is making a big push to appeal to women, a demographic he said was missing in his previous products.

Smith recently published an Instagram video showing off a fitness model that uses the hashtag #fitboston.

Smith’s new website is the result of a partnership with the company FitBin, which is owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Smith said FitBins Instagram account is intended for women to connect with fitness bloggers who are promoting healthy living.

Smith also said he is building out a social media presence to help grow his audience.

The site is set up to give readers the latest fitness tips, recipes, and products to get their fitness on.

Smith, who was named one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people in 2017, said the money will allow him to expand the site to include more fitness products and expand his portfolio.

He plans to make the site available to all readers at no cost.

Smith has also been working on a book of his own, but said he’s currently focusing on the book.

“It’s not a book I’m really looking to publish yet, but I’m definitely looking at it,” Smith said.

Smith will share the proceeds of the book with his readers at a fund-raiser in New York.

“I’m not going to do it in my home.

I don’t want to be able to go and show people what I’ve been doing, what I’m doing,” he said.

He also said the book is set in New England, which he said is ideal for readers who are interested in a healthy lifestyle.

The book is titled I Am A Fit B. “This is not a fitness book,” Smith told ABC News.

“There’s a lot of things I’m going to talk about, but it’s not about the workout.”

The book also will be available online, and he said the company plans to use the proceeds to pay for the travel, equipment, and other expenses associated with running a fitness blog.

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