How the UFC and El Blog have evolved over the past 12 months

Posted October 10, 2018 12:28:16A big change has been made in the past month.

UFC and the El Blog are both changing their ways.

El Blog is now a social media platform, not a news site, and is much more like a blog.

The El Blog has become much more of a platform for fans to interact with their favorite fighters and fighters’ managers.

It’s where fans can get a look at what is going on inside the cage and where UFC’s top talent are working out.

It’s all very new, and it seems to be working for all the UFC fighters.

The UFC’s former head of communications, Scott Miller, said he’s noticed the difference.

“I think that it has been a major shift in terms of the way the company communicates with fans,” Miller said.

“The conversations with fans have been very, very positive, and I think that’s because of the platform we’ve put out there.

There are a lot of fans who have been wanting to interact directly with the athletes and have them on the platform, and that’s where we’ve really been successful.”

As of now, the UFC has been able to reach out to more fans on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

They have been able talk directly to fans via a new Instagram page called “El Blog.”

The El Blog is more like an online forum, with UFC fighters posting their thoughts on everything from social media to the UFC’s upcoming events.

Fans can also interact directly by following their favorite athletes on Instagram.

The UFC’s main event fight, which is taking place at UFC Fight Night: “Lightweight Championship”, is going to feature an undercard that includes the likes of Conor McGregor, Dominick Cruz, Tyron Woodley and Cub Swanson.

The event is set to take place on Oct. 6 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.UFC President Dana White said the promotion has been trying to get in on the action on social media for a while, but has been frustrated by the lack of interest.

“There’s a lot more people who want to talk about it and be active,” White said.

“It’s very challenging because it’s all over the place, and we don’t have a consistent platform for that.

We’re trying to create something that is going take it to the next level.”

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