Hot Air: Why you should buy the iPhone 8 from Apple

Hot Air – Why you need to buy the Apple iPhone 8: It’s the best iPhone ever.

It’s not as expensive as the iPhone 7 Plus, or as expensive a phone as the LG G6, but it’s more powerful.

It has a bigger screen, a bigger camera, and faster processors than any other iPhone ever built.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Apple’s new iPhone 8, available today, is the most powerful iPhone ever made, according to the company.

It also has the best camera, the fastest processor, the best display and the best software.

Apple is taking everything it can from the iPhone and applying it to the iPhone.

It is also bringing some of the most advanced technology to the new iPhone, including the Apple Pencil, the Apple Health app, Apple’s Siri, the FaceTime camera and the Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

iPhone 8 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5, LG V20: iPhone vs. Galaxy S5: iPhone is the best phone ever.

The iPhone is an icon, a thing that connects us to each other.

It connects us with our families and friends, and it connects us directly to our phones.

It means that we feel like we’re connected, because it’s the first phone to be able to do that.

When you get a phone, you’re connected to it, you feel like you’re connecting to someone else.

iPhone is more than just an icon.

The power of the iPhone is in the apps.

iPhone’s apps are all about connecting you with your friends and family.

They’re connected.

It connects you with a person.

And, most importantly, it connects you to your data.

iPhone 8 has the most amazing hardware in the world.

You can’t beat that.

And it has the strongest hardware on the market.

You know, if you look at the iPhone X, it has an OLED display, 4K video, a new fingerprint scanner, a higher-res display, a faster processor and a bigger battery.

And you can’t do that without the best-in-class camera, best-selling iPhone, the most sophisticated Siri, and the most reliable, fastest, most powerful and best-looking iPhone ever developed.

The most powerful smartphone ever, in other words, and a smartphone that can get you anywhere.

The Apple iPhone X is the world’s most powerful phone.

The latest iPhones have been designed for the people.

They’ve been designed to be the fastest, the highest-performing and the fastest-charging smartphone ever made.

They have the best cameras, the strongest processors, the smoothest screen and the smootest battery life.

The fastest, fastest-performing, fastest charger.

The smoothest, smoothest and most powerful cameras.

The best battery life in the industry.

So you get to take your iPhone everywhere, without breaking a sweat.

The best iPhone, in a nutshell, is what we are talking about here.

It combines the best features of the best smartphone ever into a device that can take you anywhere and do everything.

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