How to make a ‘woman who is more like a man’

I’ve been working on a blog for years and years and now I am ready to release it to the world. 

The problem with the title of this blog is that I want to be the only person in the world who gets to write about my personal experiences as a woman who is less like a woman than I am.

I am a feminist, I believe in equality for all women and believe in women having a voice in politics.

So what exactly is a ‘women who is not like a men’ blog?

The short answer is: women who are like a male.

There are a lot of blogs out there and they all try to make you feel good.

In some cases they do that by including a quote from a woman or two.

But there is no such thing as a ‘true feminist’.

As I wrote in a previous blog, the word feminism has two meanings: it is a political and social ideology that is opposed to the traditional social structures that men have traditionally had.

And this ideology is often based on the assumption that women are fundamentally different from men.

When I wrote the previous blog I made some really valid points about why we should be wary of certain women using their voice to promote a feminist agenda.

For example, the phrase ‘feminist woman’ is not actually a feminist term, it’s a catch-all term for a variety of people who support a woman’s right to choose.

That doesn’t mean they are always bad or evil or just plain wrong.

But they are generally not supportive of a woman in power.

The fact that they are not always right and always wrong doesn’t make them bad or wrong, it makes them women.

The problem with this phrase is that it’s not a ‘feminine’ term at all.

It means a person who is fundamentally different than women.

Women can be like men or they can be different from other women.

We don’t choose to be women.

It’s up to us.

To get to the point, I want you to be aware of the ways in which a feminist can be a woman and not a man.


A woman is like a feminist because she doesn’t like men: In a nutshell, a feminist is someone who doesn’t feel that she has a place in a male-dominated society.

A woman does not have to be a man to be called a feminist.

It can also be a ‘non-binary’ woman or a woman with a non-binary gender identity.


A man is like the woman: A man is someone with a male gender identity who has no interest in having a female gender identity, regardless of the circumstances.


A feminist is like another man:  A man can be very interested in women.

In fact, many of the people who advocate for the feminist cause are men. 

Some of these men will have no interest at all in having women’s rights, or any other gender-related issues.

This can make a difference.


A person who identifies as a feminist does not want a man in power: If you are a man and you identify as a feminism advocate, you do not want men in power in any capacity. 

If a woman identifies as feminist, you will want men to be in power because women do not have the right to make decisions about what men are allowed to do. 5.

A women who identifies like a guy does not like men : A woman who identifies with a masculine gender identity will not be attracted to a man who identifies similarly to her. 

A feminist who identifies just like a girl will not like the man who looks like a boy. 

These differences are not just cosmetic or personal.


A ‘feminized’ person is like an ‘unfeminized person’: An ‘unwanted’ person can be someone who is attracted to another person and has the same or similar interests as them.

They are not necessarily bad or bad at everything, they just do not fit into the same categories as a man or a girl.

They can be good at other things.


A gender-neutral person is just like another gender-sensitive person: Gender-neutral people are people who identify with the gender that is not defined by their biological sex.

They are not gender-fluid or gender-nonconforming.

They do not fall under the category of transgender. 

They can be male or female.

They may or may not have any gender dysphoria. 

Gender dysphoria is a medical term that refers to a feeling that you do have the opposite gender.

This feeling can manifest as feeling like your body or mind is different from that of others.

It is not a medical condition and it is not necessarily caused by gender-identity issues.

Gender-neutral identity may be a person’s ability to feel like they are both

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