When to bring a picnic and why?

The best way to enjoy the warmth of your home on a summer evening is to bring your picnic and enjoy the outdoors together.

This means bringing a picnic.

But if you’re planning a picnic, here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re preparing to bring one: • Do not bring a large picnic table and a picnic basket.

• The most important thing to consider is that you can bring your own water and food.

• When you bring a portable grill or griddle, it will make cooking your food more comfortable.

• Bring a small cooler.

If you plan to bring food to enjoy outdoors, bring a small, sturdy cooler with enough room for your food to rest.

• Consider bringing a water cooler if you plan on camping out in your backyard or on a property with limited access to water.

• You can bring an extra-large cooler for those times when you need to bring more food to share.

• Make sure you have enough water in your cooler, as it is important to keep it dry when it gets very hot.

• Have a small towel or cloth on hand to help keep your clothes dry.

• Keep the water flowing.

When it’s hot, your water bottle should be at least half full.

If it’s not, your hose is likely leaking.

• If you bring food, bring it to the table first.

When you have food to eat, bring to the front of the table and serve.

• Before you leave, think about what your family will enjoy most.

Are they hungry?

Do they have allergies?

Are they tired?

• If possible, bring some extra food.

If possible without the extra food, have it ready in the cooler for you and your family.

• For a more in-depth look at outdoor dining, go to The Globe and Mail’s summer food guide.

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