Toronto’s new condo development will add $6.4 million in condo tax revenue per year to the city’s coffers

By Mike BrownPublished March 20, 2019 11:02:55Toronto’s condo market is expected to see a big boost from a $6 million condo tax increase, the city said Tuesday.

The tax increase will take effect March 31 and will go into effect as a new “residential condo tax” that is levied on all new units in Toronto.

The $6-million increase will be charged on all condos up to three bedrooms.

It will take $8 million out of the city treasury in the first year, and $11 million out in 2019.

The provincial government will contribute $6 to the project, while the city will take a 30 per cent share of the additional tax revenue.

A total of $9.2 million will be used to offset costs for improvements to the condo buildings.

The city says the condo tax will generate $8.3 million in new condo construction over the first five years.

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