When it comes to the 2018 Tour de France, a few things are for sure

The 2018 Tour of California is a race of legends and legends will be back in 2018.

The race has become a favorite amongst cycling fans worldwide and has a history dating back to the 1920s.

It has become the most popular race of the year and a race that has been played by every generation.

As a result, there are some common themes in the history of the race.

The Tour de Italy, which was won by Alberto Contador in 2006, has a strong history of winning in different countries.

The 2018 race will see the debut of a new champion, Alberto Conti, while the 2017 edition saw the emergence of another world champion, Vincenzo Nibali.

And, of course, there is the history that surrounds the race itself.

There are many things that can be expected on the course of the 2018 race.

Here are a few of the biggest things that we can expect on the 2018 edition of the Tour de California.

The Top 4: A total of 4 riders will be making the race in the Tour of Los Angeles. 

The first two riders to finish in the top 4 on the overall standings will be Mark Cavendish (Etixx-QuickStep), Alejandro Valverde (Movistar), and Sergio Henao (MOVID). 

Mark Cav/Etox will face the likes of Valverda and Fabio Aru in the finale. 

Mark A. Cav/Movid will face compatriot and fellow Colombian, Fabio Anor, in the third-place climb. 

Alejandro/Fabio Valverdero will also be making his debut in the race, but he will have to fight off an early attack by Vincenzio Nibali in the final climb.

A few other riders will also make their debuts in the main race. 

 Movilos team leader, Alberto Negri will be in the starting lineup in the penultimate stage. 

A few other big names will make the trip to Los Angeles for the first time as well. 

Lorenzo Manzin will be the defending champion. 

Mark Cav will be aiming to make history in the opening stages, but his first taste of the desert will come in the early stages. 

Fabio Anosimo will be hoping to make a big impression on the Tour and prove himself as the best young rider in the world. 

Sergio Henao will be trying to repeat the performance that he showed in the first race of this year, while Mark Cav will need to prove himself in the mountains to really be considered as the favorite. 

Vincenzy Nibali will be looking to make the most of his opportunity and make a statement. 

The other main contenders for the overall podium will be Peter Sagan, Sergio Hená, Alberto Sanabria, and Nairo Quintana. 

Peter Sagan/Eta-Euskadi is going to be a big test for the sprinters. 

MOVI, Fabian Cancellara, and Rui Costa will be heading out in a separate group for the Tour. 

Rui Costa/MOVIL will be facing the toughest test yet. 

Dan Martin will also look to get in the mix, as he has never been to the Tour before. 

Nairo Quinta will be a rider that has always been in the hunt for the podium, as a sprinter he is looking to build on his win in the Giro d’Italia last year. 

If Fabio Valvigna can’t get on the podium he will be fighting for his life. 

Alejandro Valvani will also face a tough challenge as he is the reigning champion.

The winner of the final stage of the previous race will also have a chance to claim a podium in the second stage of this race.

The Tour de San Luis is an annual race that attracts a lot of fans, but it is also one of the most prestigious race of its kind in the country.

The first ever Tour de Los Angeles is being held on May 25, 2019. 

Here are the top 10 things we can look forward to in the 2018 event. 


First overall, it will be interesting to see how things play out in the lead up to the race this year.

There will be several surprises in the form of riders like Tony Martin, Michael Matthews, and Fabian Coppel.

The Spanish riders will have an advantage over the peloton with their superior speed. 

But the peloton will also try to catch up with the race’s leading men. 

Michael Matthews/Fabian Coppi will be riding their first Tour de America. 

While Matthews is in the best form of his career, he is only a few years removed from his biggest stage win. 

Michel Kreder will be one of those riders that can challenge for the

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