Dump Trump: Democrats need to dump Trump before 2020

Dump Donald Trump before the 2020 presidential election if they want to defeat Hillary Clinton, a Democratic senator said Wednesday.

Senator Al Franken of Minnesota told reporters that the Democratic Party needs to dump Donald Trump if they are going to beat the GOP.

He said Democrats have to start by electing a candidate who can win the presidency.

Franken was referring to the 2020 Democratic primary.

He also said the Democrats need a candidate with experience in the White House, like former President Barack Obama.

He told reporters there are “very few people who have done that.”

Democrats are trying to flip two seats in 2020, where they lost seats in the House of Representatives in 2016 and the Senate in 2016.

The Democrats are hoping to retake the House and win back control of the Senate after losing control of both chambers in November.

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