Which state has the most gun violence?

This article is part of The Washington Times’ series, “Which state has more gun violence?”

The following are the 10 states with the highest number of gun deaths per 100,000 residents: Florida, which had 6.9 gun deaths for every 100,00 residents, led the pack with more than 10,000 gun deaths a year.

Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia were the only states with less than 10 deaths a day per 100.00 residents.

The following were the 10 most populous states with more gun deaths, per 100 million residents: New York, with nearly 2.3 gun deaths every 100 million inhabitants, led with 4,938 deaths a month, more than any other state.

New Jersey, with 2,711 gun deaths annually, followed closely behind.

Connecticut, with 1,894, was second with 1.2 gun deaths in a month.

South Dakota, with 904, followed by Nebraska, which saw 2,904 deaths in one month.

Michigan, with 776, was fourth with 1 gun death in a day.

New Hampshire, with 657, was sixth with 8.5 gun deaths.

California, with 489, was eighth with 2.5 deaths in the month.

Hawaii, with 569, was ninth with 1 death in two weeks.

Connecticut was 10th with 6,000 deaths per month.

Wyoming, with 3,919, was 12th with 1-3 gun death per 100k residents.

California and Massachusetts had the most deaths per capita, at 4,076 and 3,876 deaths, respectively.

Colorado, with almost 1,000, was 10 th with 8,813 deaths.

Alaska, with just under 900, was 17 th with 9,091 deaths.

New Mexico, with less at less than 800, was 11 th with 7,068 deaths.

Connecticut had the highest percentage of non-violent crimes committed with 2-4 gun deaths and 1-2 gun assaults per 100 people.

Texas had the third highest gun death rate per 100 person in the nation with 2 guns per 100 inhabitants, followed next by South Carolina with 1 and Arizona with 1 per 100 persons.

California had the fourth highest firearm homicide rate per capita at 3.6 per 100 population.

Oregon had the lowest rate at 1.6 gun deaths each 100,01 population.

Montana had the fifth lowest rate with less one gun death for every 10,00 people.

North Dakota had the sixth lowest rate of non violent gun deaths at 2.9 per 100people.

Oregon, at 10,848, had the eighth lowest rate.

Nevada, at 12,818, had 14th lowest gun death total with 3.9 guns per 10,01 people.

West Virginia, at 13,842, had 15th lowest total gun death at 4.4 guns per 50,00 population.

Idaho, at 15,097, had 16th lowest at 4 gun deaths/100,01 residents.

Alaska had the 13th highest gun homicide rate at 4 per 100person.

Montana, at 17,828, had 18th lowest overall gun death ratio at 1,9 per 10 people.

Colorado had the 19th highest rate of gun violence with 8 deaths for each 100 people, followed at 19th was North Dakota with 1 for every 3.5 people.

Washington had the 20th highest firearm violence rate with 4.6 deaths for per 100 residents, followed was South Dakota with 5 for every 4.5people.

Montana has the 22nd highest gun violence rate, with 8 guns per every 100 people and Alaska has the 24th highest total gun violence, with 19 guns for every 500 people.

Alaska has a gun homicide murder rate of 7 per 100 thousand people, Montana has a rate of 6 per 100000 people.

California has the highest gun murder rate in the country at 12 per 100 in the state.

Wyoming has the lowest gun murder murder rate at 5 per 100 000 people.

Montana is the 20 th most violent state in the U.S. with a gun murder homicide rate of 2 per 100 300 people.

Wyoming had the 12 th most lethal state in America at 15.9 killings per 100 100 people in 2016.

Alaska was the 20 least lethal state with an average of 2.8 gun homicides per 100 200 people in 2015.

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