Bill Gates’ new post-basketball philanthropy may not help US economy: Forbes

By MICHAEL KAPLANAPHUS Associated PressBusiness InsiderThe world’s richest man is giving away a large chunk of his wealth to help the US economy, but he’s also saying something that is likely to get people talking.

In an essay published on the Forbes blog on Thursday, Bill Gates announced his plans to give away most of his fortune in the next four years, starting in 2018.

It was not clear what Gates was giving away, but in the first few years he will be handing most of it away to charity, not to give to the government.

He will also give away some of his money to philanthropists who are trying to promote peace in the world, such as a $250 million grant to a group in the Democratic Republic of Congo that is working to create jobs.

“My wife and I plan to take some of the proceeds of my gifts from my charitable giving to support peace efforts in Africa and other countries that have a need for it,” Gates wrote.

He did not mention any specific organizations he’s working with.

Gates is a philanthropist and a globalist who is known for giving away money to many causes, including his foundation and his Microsoft Corp. But his philanthropy has largely been confined to philanthropy, focusing on his foundation’s work to eradicate polio in the United States.

In the essay, Gates wrote that he plans to spend most of the money on a new philanthropy that focuses on environmental issues.

It is unclear if that new initiative will be named Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as the organization was started by Gates’s widow, Melinda, who also heads the philanthropic group.

The Gates Foundation has been criticized for its lack of support for other causes in recent years, especially climate change.

It’s unclear how much of his philanthropic donations will go to environmental efforts or to other causes, but Gates is not the only one who has been giving away big chunks of his own money to help alleviate poverty and poverty-related problems in the developing world.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner Bill Gates has given away $4 billion in donations to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to support social programs and development in developing countries.

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