Reddit co-founder says it ‘can be dangerous’ to use crypto-currency

CoinDesk – Reddit cofounder Erik Voorhees has slammed Bitcoin as a “fraud” and said it can be dangerous to use it.

In an interview with CoinDesk, Mr Voorheees said Bitcoin “can be risky” because it “has no underlying economic value”.

He said he has “no idea” if Bitcoin is “good or bad” but he said there is a “great risk” in using it.

Mr Voorheies also said that the cryptocurrency “is a lot like gambling” and that he has never invested in it.

He said: “I would never do anything with Bitcoin that I would not recommend to anyone.”

He said that Bitcoin has “nothing to do with anything”.

Mr Voirhees said that he does not “trust” the mainstream media but he added: “The alternative is that the mainstream press is a bunch of scumbags.

The alternative is worse.”

And the alternative is the same as gambling.

It’s worse.

“Mr Voomer said that although he does believe that Bitcoin is a great invention, “it’s not going to change the world.

It has no chance of changing the world.

“Mr Sperling said: Mr Voomar said that a lot of people would use Bitcoin if it was a lot cheaper and better than anything else.

Mr Spencer, who is also co-chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation, said that Mr Vorehees is “not an expert on crypto-currencies” but that he would support Mr Vomrsees as an “expert” on the topic.”

He has done research into the matter and he’s not an expert,” he said.

Mr Spencer said he believes that Bitcoin “will be the next big thing” and “could have a big impact on the world”.”

But I don’t think we should take him at his word.

I think the whole crypto world is a little bit scared,” he added.”

We need to have more people in this space and not just the crypto world.

“CoinDesk has reached out to Mr Vosehies for comment.

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