How did the ‘narco blog’ and its founder escape prosecution in a cocaine bust?

El narco, the El Salvadoran blog, was once a place where users of the country’s illegal drugs used to share tips, pictures and even recipes.

It was one of the last websites where users could share their illicit activities, according to local officials.

The blog, founded by an anonymous user, was shut down by authorities in 2015.

Now it’s back online with a new name: El Narco Blog.

The website is run by the El Paso Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the Salvadoran police and local authorities.

The DEA is the federal agency that deals with the illegal drug trade.

But the blog has been under the control of El Narcom, a local gangster.

The agency said it was shuttered because it failed to register the blog as a public institution.

The site has been shut down again because of the new owner.

The new owner of El narcom was identified only as a member of a criminal group called El Toco Loco.

He is now serving life in prison, said DEA spokesman Roberto Romero.

The Salvadoran attorney general has filed a complaint against El Tocoloco Loco with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

The attorney general said the gangster was operating under a pseudonym, because the law forbids anyone to use their real name.

According to the indictment, El Toca Loco is a leader in a gang called the La Finca de La Nuestra Señora, or the White Knights of the Night, which has committed crimes in El Salvador and Guatemala.

The El Tuca Loco gang, which is based in the capital, San Salvador, is responsible for kidnapping, robbery and extortion.

According the indictment: The White Knights gang is one of El Tolo’s most powerful affiliates, according the indictment.

It has ties to the La Familia, or Knights of Love, a paramilitary group of El Salvador’s ruling party.

In 2010, El Tuco Loco, a rival group of the Knights of La Familidad, established the El Taco Loco Gang, or El Tacco Loco for short, according court documents.

El Tolocos violence and extortion were linked to drug trafficking, the indictment said.

The gang has a presence in several El Salvador neighborhoods, including in the areas around San Cristobal and San Jose.

The indictment alleged that the gang is involved in kidnapping and extortion in the neighborhoods of San Jose, El Paso and Santa Fe, according Reuters.

It also alleged that El Tucos armed gang has ties with the La Fuente, or Black Knights, a gang that is responsible in the area of El Paso.

The indictments accuse the gang of kidnapping, extortion and money laundering.

According its website, El Narcos gang has more than 2,400 members.

According a Facebook page, El El Naroc is based on the teachings of the late El Salvador native José Rangel.

Rangel was killed in 2013 while in El Paso for allegedly smuggling drugs from Guatemala.

He was also the head of a small paramilitary group called the El Narro, according local media.

Rolans death inspired El Narcos founding father, Oscar Guzman, to set up a blog in 2014.

El Narconos blog is based at the same address as the El Chapo Guzman Facebook page.

According El Chapos blog, El Chapolos family owned the website before Guzman was killed.

El Chapolo Guzman founded El Narcoros gang.

El TuCo Loco and El Tco Locos gangs are linked to cartels in the country, according AFP.

The two groups are said to fight in a region known as La Fusa de La Fueta.

El narcons website features photos of cartel members, along with videos of cartel leaders, the AFP reported.

El Chavo’s El Narquio website features pictures of cartel figures.

The Guzmans own El Chapelon blog also features photos, and includes videos, of cartel bosses, according CNN.

El Hombre de Narco, or narcoblog, has links to cartel members.

In the same way El Chapols blog is linked to El Chapoes gang, El Humbre de Hombres blog is also linked to the El Chaso cartel, the AP reported.

The gangs own websites feature videos of the cartel leaders.

According AP, the Guzman family owns El Hoca de Guzman.

In 2014, El Guzman himself was killed by the DEA for allegedly importing cocaine from El Salvador.

The U.S. government alleges Guzman used his wealth and influence to buy cocaine and smuggle drugs into the United States.

The US has accused Guzman of using a company called Black Sheep Enterprises to funnel drugs and guns to drug cartels in Mexico.

Guzman is also wanted by the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela for the murder of a DEA

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