How to play your favourite songs on Spotify

How to Play Your Favorite Songs on Spotify (And Other Music Apps) Article By: jonathan leggett, music blogs, Spotify article The playlist in your Spotify account doesn’t necessarily reflect your personal preferences, so you can often choose your favourite artists based on what they’re worth, rather than the song itself.

It’s also possible to add your own songs to Spotify to add a touch of personalisation.

How to Play your Favorite Songs On Spotify (and Other Music App) 1.

Search for your favourite song or artists using the search bar at the top of the playlist.

You’ll be presented with a list of artists to add to the Spotify playlist.

Select a genre or artists to search for.

Once you’ve selected your music, select a song from your Spotify playlist and tap play.

If the Spotify search bar doesn’t appear, tap Play Now.


Once you’ve finished adding your music to the playlist, tap Add.

After adding the song or artist, the Spotify interface will display the song’s artwork.

Tap the artist’s name to view their album art.


Tap any artist on the album art to view more information about their album.

Tap a track’s album art for more information on that track.


Tap a track on the Spotify radio station for more radio stations to subscribe to.

Tap More to see more details about the song.


You can search for the song in the artist and genre lists.

The artist list also has album art and artist details.

Tap an artist’s album to see their full album artwork.


You’ll be given options to subscribe or cancel Spotify.

You must be signed in to your Spotify Account to access this option.


Select the artist you want to subscribe/cancel.

Tap Next to subscribe.


Tap Add to the song to add it to your playlist.


Tap to save the playlist for later.


Tap Play Now to begin listening to your favourite tracks.


You may have noticed that you can’t play any tracks that are not on your Spotify library.


Tap Listen to find out what’s playing.


When you’re finished listening to a track, tap the artist in the album artwork for more details on that artist.


Tap play to end the song playing.

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