Six weeks on from Grenfell Tower disaster, survivors continue to receive support

Six weeks after the tragedy at Grenfell Towers in London, the survivors of the blaze are being treated in the same hospital as those who lost their lives.

The Grenfell Survivors Trust has welcomed the fact that a specialist team has been appointed to assist with the recovery of the Grenfell tower residents, including staff and volunteers.

They have been given more space and staff will be allowed to work from home to help with the rehabilitation of those still living in the building.

It is hoped that those living in nearby Tower Hamlets and Kensington and Chelsea will also receive more support, as they have suffered from similar tragedies.

More: The tower was engulfed in flames after a fire broke out in a neighbouring building and residents fled, trapping themselves inside.

One person died in the fire and more than 100 others were injured in the blaze.

After the tragedy, residents in the tower’s neighbouring blocks received a message that their blocks were being searched by police.

However, many residents of the block closest to Grenfell remain homeless.

Grenfell Survivors has asked for more resources and support for the Grenfords residents, who have been left traumatised and traumatised by the tragedy.

We ask for the support of everyone in the Grenford estate, including those who have not yet returned home, and the care and protection of our families, friends and neighbours.

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