‘You’ll never guess the name’ of the new US President: Obama’s son’s blog

On Tuesday, US President Barack Obama’s oldest son released a blog post on his personal website about the new president, describing him as a “true American”.

The post, titled The Obama Legacy, is available to read for free online, but it’s also worth a read in full.

Mr Obama, who is the son of former president Bill Clinton, is the first son of a former US president to make such a post.

In it, Mr Obama said that his father was “the best president to have ever lived”.

“I am proud to say that as a member of the first family, the president who will be our next president is the best president we have ever had,” he said.

“I know you’re still going to love him, and I know that you’re going to continue to love the president you’ve always known and loved.”

The post also praised Mr Obama for his role in fighting the deadly Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and his leadership of the US economy.

“His accomplishments and leadership in the fight against global pandemic are inspiring,” Mr Obama wrote.

“When he is not in the White House, we are united in the power of our values and principles.

That is why I have a deep sense of pride in being the first and only president in American history to run for president from both the Democratic and Republican parties.”‘

I know that he’s still going, I know he’ll be here’For a man who was the last of the original Clinton family to run, Mr Bush is still viewed with suspicion by many Americans, with many questioning his credentials to be president.

Mr Bush has been accused of lying about his military service in Vietnam, and for his handling of the 9/11 attacks, a scandal that has rocked his administration.

The White House has denied that he was lied to, and Mr Bush has since apologised for his actions.

Mr George W Bush, however, remains a divisive figure among many in the US.

“It’s clear that he knows a lot of people don’t like him,” a Republican strategist told ABC News.

“He knows that people will want to say something and he knows that’s the price to pay for it.”

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