Harford Fire Blog Blog: What You Need To Know About The Fire In Harford County, Virginia

By Sarah BurtchHarford FireBlog, the blog website for the Harford county, Virginia, Sheriff’s Office, posted a statement late Monday morning.

The Harford fire began Sunday afternoon, burning in a forest in the foothills of Mount Vernon Mountain.

The site was closed Monday, and the department has been working with the National Weather Service to assess the severity of the fire and its impact.

The statement states that the department is working to evacuate residents to a staging area on the mountain.

The area is located approximately 10 miles east of Harford.

Firefighters from the nearby county of Fairfax have been assisting in the response, according to the Harfords website.

Harford fire in Harford, Va.

(Photo: Harford Police Department)The Harford sheriff’s office has set up a staging point for residents to stay at the nearby staging area and provide emergency information.

In addition, residents are being asked to stay off the roads, and call 911 immediately if they see any suspicious activity in the area.

The sheriff’s department has requested the National Guard to assist with evacuations and the county has set a three-day evacuation plan for the area, which is in the middle of a dry season, according.

The county has also posted a “safety advisory” warning residents about the fire, which it says could include brush fire danger.

Residents are asked to avoid the area if they are experiencing any health concerns, including heart or respiratory conditions, and contact a health care professional for medical advice.

The Harfds website also advises people to follow the local emergency protocols and avoid drinking and driving.

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