Why The Tea Party is in a Better Place Today than It Was Before the Tea Party’s Big Rise

“It’s very telling that we’ve been able to survive, for a while now, under the banner of the Tea Partiers.”

“The Tea Party was founded by people who believed the United States is an oligarchy, and it has no place in a democracy.”

In fact, the Tea Parties’ core beliefs have been the antithesis of democratic principles.

In fact, its founding manifesto, The Constitution for a Democratic America, argued that “we can’t have a democracy without a Constitution, and we need a Constitution that is representative, not unaccountable, and accountable to the people.”

In a nutshell, the Constitution for America argues that “a representative democracy must be grounded in the rule of law.”

It asserts that “the separation of powers and the separation of government are the defining principles of a constitutional republic.”

The Constitution for Americans claims that “government should be limited to a set of prescribed powers, in particular those prescribed by the Constitution.”

It also asserts that government “must be accountable to its people.”

The tea party is a branch of the Republican Party, but its primary mission is to “make the Constitution work for the people, not themselves.”

Its primary mission, according to its website, is “to empower Americans to shape their own futures, by electing politicians who will represent their interests, rather than the interests of special interests.”

Its mission is, in short, to empower Americans by electing a “representative” (aka a “militia”) who will “act in the best interests of all Americans.”

It also claims that the Tea party is the “only political force that can ensure that we do not go down the path of tyranny” because, according “the Founding Fathers, tyranny is only the result of a handful of individuals exercising unchecked power.”

In short, the tea party claims that it is not a “tactical force,” because its primary goal is to empower “the people” over “special interests.”

But it is.

The Tea party claims it is the only political force capable of guaranteeing that “our nation does not go to war.”

And its mission, as it states in its manifesto, is to put a “great American back into the White House.”

The Tea Parties claim to have “a vision for a future where America is free and at peace.”

Its stated goal is “that America can be a nation of opportunity and opportunity is the beginning of the American dream.”

Its stated mission is: “America can become a country that is strong, free, and prosperous.

The United States can be free, strong, and wealthy.”

Its declared mission is “That the United State will always stand tall as a beacon of hope and opportunity to the world.”

Its mission is not to make America great.

Its stated goal, as the manifesto puts it, is:”The goal of the [Tea Party] is to make the Constitution Work for the People, not for the Interests of Special Interests.”

In other words, its stated mission, like that of every other political group, is its primary objective: To make America greater, not smaller, by empowering the American people over “the interests of those who profit from our system.”

As such, the American Constitution, which, among other things, guarantees the “freedom of speech,” “the freedom of religion,” and “the right to assemble,” must be amended to ensure that these rights are not used to benefit “special interest groups.”

And it is important to note that the Constitution does not, in fact, “protect” the rights of anyone to speak their mind, as is the case with the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

It also does not guarantee the rights to “speak your mind” to anyone.

The Founders of the Constitution did not protect the right to “free speech.”

Their intent was to protect the rights “to assemble,” and the right “to petition the government.”

The Founders’ intent was not to protect anyone’s right to speak his mind, to assemble, or to petition the federal government.

Rather, the Framers intended to protect these rights from “the excessive encroachment of the powerful.”

It is not just the Constitution that has a long and storied history of protecting those rights.

It is the American public as well, and Americans have long known that their rights have been under assault.

It’s not a coincidence that this assault on the rights that the Framer, James Madison, wrote so much for were the very same rights that he wrote the Constitution to protect.

The Constitution has been amended numerous times since its founding.

As of today, it’s arguably the most influential document ever written.

And its flaws are not limited to the Tea PARTies.

The American people have had it with a rigged political system.

The American people are fed up with a system that rewards special interests over the interests that the public cares about.

The system is rigged to benefit the wealthiest few at the expense of everyone else.

And it is rigged so that

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