When you’re a little less than perfect, your boss can be the biggest pain in the ass

I’ve ever seen.

And when I say that, I’m not just talking about being a bit out of the ordinary.

I’m talking about a boss who’s more likely to tell you that you’re not really good at something than you are to actually ask for advice. 

That’s what I’ve found while writing about small things, and as a result, I’ve become a little more circumspect about what I think of the world around me.

So here’s what you should be doing instead of just looking for the perfect job.


Stop judging other people’s work.

“I think I’d be a great fit for your startup,” says one colleague.

“It’s an interesting way to approach hiring,” says another.

“You’d be in a very unusual situation,” says the last. 

“It would probably be a job that would require some extra work,” says you. 

When I started out at work, I was often told that I’d have to be perfect.

But it wasn’t until I started doing small things and making the decisions that I realised how important it was to take the time to understand the person I was interviewing.

It’s not a matter of “I’ll be perfect”, it’s a matter a lot of people take for granted, but it’s what’s really important.


Learn to be humble.

As a professional, you want to be seen as a person who is good at what they do.

But if you’re looking for a job, you might be better off looking for someone who is the same person, rather than the opposite.

“If I’m honest, when I started I didn’t realise that this was such a big deal,” says a coworker.

“Everyone I’ve spoken to at the beginning of the job hunt said it would be a huge relief to be working with someone who I felt was a bit more like me.”

“I felt like I was being pushed around,” she says. 

So she did what she had to do to get through the interview: “I went and got the first interview with someone else.”


Learn how to say no.

“When you’re talking to someone who doesn’t know what you’re saying, it’s important to have a way of saying no,” says Chris.

“We have to say ‘no’ to everything,” adds Jessica.

“Sometimes we’re not allowed to say it, but if we are, we have to listen to what we’re saying.” 

“There are no rules, it all comes down to experience,” says Rob.

“Being a small person is a great way to learn.”


Learn about your colleagues.

As an employee, it helps to have some idea of what you need to do, and how you need help.

When you’ve finished with a small thing, ask if someone is available to help out with that, or if they’d be happy to talk to you on the phone.

When working with others, be open to listening to feedback. 

And while small things are fun to do for yourself, there are a lot more important things you should focus on, including the people you spend your time with. 

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