Which Irishmen can help you to reach the top of your game in 2017?

The Irishman who could help you the most is the captain of the side, John Delaney. 

The 20-year-old has been on the books of the club since 2014 and has made it clear he wants to stay and is determined to reach his best.

Delaney is not only a fantastic captain, he’s also one of the top performers in the division.

He has been rewarded for his performances this season, winning the award for best player in the league and having the highest total of points for his club.

But how will he compare to some of the best players in the country?

Delany’s record shows that he is not just good, he is superb. 

His stats show that he has been the mainstay of the team for over two seasons, which has resulted in a great number of wins.

That has been an impressive feat, but not without a few problems. 

Delaney’s record speaks for itself and he has scored a total of 543 goals in the last two seasons.

If he could replicate this and reach the same total number of goals, he would be one of our top goalscorers in the Irish top flight.

However, the most important aspect of Delaney’s game is his ability to influence the game with his passing.

He averages 4.7 assists per game, which is one of his best records in the world.

The stats also reveal that he rarely loses possession.

He is the only player in Ireland to average more than 3.5 assists per match.

He does this despite his attacking style, which requires a high degree of creativity.

He has also scored a staggering 17 goals in 20 games.

He will be an important player for the Republic of Ireland in the upcoming Euro 2017 qualifiers.

But it’s his work rate that has the most fans believing in Delaney, as he has averaged an incredible 6.6 shots per game.

He also has one of Ireland’s best records when it comes to dribbling. 

He averages 2.9 dribbles per game for the national side and has only been denied the top spot twice in the Champions League, in 2015 and 2016.

The most important thing to understand is that his goals are a result of a combination of work rate and composure.

It is clear that Delaney has a great desire to score goals, and he can do so at any moment of the match. 

However, the key is to make sure that he does not allow any pressure from the opposition, which can be a problem for him in some games.

Delaney is also not afraid to get forward, which he does quite often.

He often finds space in behind the defence and dribbles into the box, which results in goals.

Delaney has also had to deal with a few injuries this season.

He suffered a shoulder injury during the group stage of the Europa League and a thigh injury during Euro 2016, and it has been a frustrating time for the player.

However, he has put on weight in the summer and has been able to resume his normal level of fitness.

It has been difficult to see him struggle during matches because of his workrate and his passing skills.

He is also a very good finisher.

He scores with his legs and often does so with his left foot. 

In terms of scoring goals, Delaney averages 3.3 goals a game and is the best in the top 10 for the league.

However he is only second in the table behind the captain, James McClean, who averages 6.4 goals a match.

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