Hello DAWF supporters!

We (Sarah, Sharon and Joyce) want to say sorry for the lack of communication since the conference. We have all been getting on with our own workloads (Viva, teaching, writing up, data collecting, job hunting, working) and have had to pause all DAWF related activity as a result. We finally got the chance to catch up with each other this week and decide what we want DAWF to be moving forward. As such, we have agreed that the DAWF conference will run every two years, providing funding can be secured. We hope, to run smaller events at some stage during the year ahead, so please do keep an eye out. We are also aware that the presentations from #DAWF18 have not yet gone online, this is due to technical issues. We’ve now figured out how to overcome these issues and will be popping the slides online as soon as we can.

Moving forward, we want to create a network of researchers, practitioners, people with experience and academics. We want to use this network to share, learn, reflect and create impact in the area of substance use, women and families, so please sign up to our mailing list with the link attached in this tweet. We are also keen to continue to grow our blog, so if anybody would like to contribute then please get in touch at dawf2018@gmail.com.

Thanks for your continued support and interest.

Sarah, Sharon and Joyce