DAWF 2018: Keynote Speakers

Professor Elizabeth Ettorre


Prof. Elizabeth Ettorre is an internationally known feminist sociologist in the area of substance misuse, genetics, reproduction and autoethnography. She is Emerita Professor of Sociology, University of Liverpool, Honorary Professor, Aarhuus University and University of Plymouth and Docent in Sociology, Helsinki and Åbo Akademi University.

Besides publishing in a number of international journals, her scholarly work includes: Health, Culture & Society; Autoethnography as Feminist Method; Gendering Addiction: The Politics of Drug Treatment in a Neurochemical World (with Nancy Campbell); Culture, Bodies and the Sociology of Health; Revisioning Women and drug use: gender, power and the body; Making Lesbians visible in the Substance Use Field; Reproductive genetics, gender and the body; Before Birth: Understanding Prenatal Screening; Women and Alcohol: From a private pleasure to a public problem?; Society, the Body and Well-Being (with K. Suolinna and E Lahelma); Gendered Moods: Psychotropics and Society (with Elianne Riska); Women and Substance Use; Drug Services in England and the Impact of the Central Funding Initiative (with S. MacGregor, R. Coomber and A. Crosier) and Lesbians, Women and Society.

Dr. Sally Marlow


Dr. Sally Marlow is a Public Engagement Fellow in the Addictions Department at King’s College London.  She is responsible for initiating, developing and delivering public engagement and media initiatives to support the strategic direction of the Additions Department, and the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience.  She also has a research portfolio, and her research interests include addiction in women and links to mental health; addiction and parenting; and stigma surrounding addiction.

Sally’s PhD in maternal alcohol misuse was funded by Alcohol Research UK, the Society for the Study of Addiction, and KCL. Whilst working on her PhD in 2013, Sally was selected by the BBC as one of their Expert Women. Since then she has reported and commentated on addiction and other mental health issues for radio and television numerous times, and in 2014 received a King’s Award for her work, ‘Media Personality of the Year’.  Highlights include presenting several documentaries on addiction and other mental health issues for BBC Radio Science; reporting on alcohol for Radio 4’s Today programme; and working as a development producer on an addiction story for the BBC’s flagship current affairs show, Panorama.

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